Trucks loaded with cattle enter the state through the interstate check-gate and are transported to Sonamura. The trucks are unloaded at a specific point near Muktangan Mancha at Tamsabari. Agents take charge of the cattle and use lanes to smuggle the cattle to Bangladesh avoiding the BSF and Police.

The market for smuggled cattle is thriving as a cow that costs over Rs 30,000 here can earn double the sum if one sells it to vendors across the border illegally. Demand for buffaloes has also shot up recently. The illegal trade is supported by minor boys.

Locals of Ward No.- 8 of Tamsabari Nagar Panchayat protested against the move last night and warned a local smuggler of resistance. It is reported that the smuggler has history of being cattle couriers for more than 5 years. Usually herds of cows are tied together and pushed into the fields in the morning or afternoon. The animals cross the border where couriers take charge of them.

The cattle couriers have increased their activities in the past few months and terror angles could not be ruled out. Notorious old players of this trade are throwing tough challenge to BSF through their newly recruited members. Smuggling of cattle into Bangladesh was among the major problems to achieve the target of milk production in the state. After the fencing along the Indo-Bangla border, smuggling of cattle has reduced, but not stopped.