Source said that more than 200 families are suffering due to lack of toilet at eastern side of Purba Gobindapur dam under ward no.-11 of KMC. Most of them are poor who are belonging to lower and middle class families. Anyhow they have constructed shelter for staying there. But they have no financial ability to construct toilet or latrine properly. As a result they are using unhygienic latrine. They have nothing to do in spite of environment pollution. The State Government has no initiative to construct Sulav toilet for them in low cost although Centre and State have hundreds of schemes.

The leaders of different political parties engage in begging vote before the election. Now the inhabitants of the locality are waiting for promises from ruling party. Sources said that the water from unhygienic latrine of the families are mixing in the water of rivulet who are living at Khas land of Laxmicherra at Eastern part of Purba Laxmicherra.

Sources said that the water of the rivulet are being supplied to houses of people under KMC after treatment of the water. The authority has no headache about cleanliness and presence of bacteria in the water.

There was no apprehension of water pollution if the authority could construct Sulav toilet beside the rivulet. By this they could fulfill the purpose of Swachcha Bharat Mission. There is no initiative of government to construct low cost latrines after conduction survey among poor slum dwellers.