Speaking on the occasion Sabhadhipati Himangsu Roy said, it is necessary to continue the works of awareness as long as consumer and traders become completely clear on the matter. He said, we are becoming dependent on advertisement. So it is necessary to plan in a scientific manner instead of depending on religious sentiment.

He further said, selling products after expiry date is a crime while people buy items by keeping faith on the seller. There is provision of punishment of such crime in Consumer Act. So the Food department will take responsibility to generate more and more awareness among the consumers.

Food Inspector Ranjit Das advised, to collect receipt when anyone buy anything. He said, keeping receipt means winning in the war. He further said, Cold drinks, chips and spicy food have 3 to 6 months validity. The consumers should pay correct price for cold drinks and there is no fridge charge. Case on consumer protection could be filed against the sellers who collect refrigeration charge. He advised the consumers to go to consumer court for protection of their interest.

On the other hand former chairman of National Consumer Protection Association Amrit Lal Saha represented the memento in front of the journalists of Belonia which was presented to him by the Commerce Minister of Bangladesh Tofayel Ahamed in a programme in Dhaka on National Consumers Day as recognition of his work for consumer protection. He said , he was applauded by the felicitation in Bangladesh. He cautioned that use of anti biotic in materials of daily requirement would bring danger in future. Because anti biotic reduces capacity of prevention of disease among people.