Rs. 43.12 crore to be invested for fresh rubber industries in Tripura

With the total production capacity of more than 2600 MT/ month the rubber industries would be set up here in Tripura and it would include product like HRLR thread, tyre, rubber gloves, ISNR and others. It is expected that altogether 348 employments will be generated, said the official.

However, at present five industrial units are functioning at Bodhjungnagar Industrial Complex with an investment of Rs. 155.44 crores.

To meet India's growing demand for natural rubber, the government is giving greater impetus to rubber cultivation in areas like Tripura. Tripura is the second largest rubber producer in the country after Kerala.

This has come up in Bodhungnagar in western Tripura to boost the country's elastic polymer industry. The park, a joint venture between the Tripura Industrial Development Corporation (TIDC) and the Rubber Board, is the second of its kind in the country after the rubber park in Irapuram, Kerala.