The killing of three people- Ranjit Chowdhury, Balaram Ghosh and Sujit Bhattacharjee at Danik Ganadoot newspaper office in broad daylight was not a easy case since there was no eye-witness or direct evidence, said the SP while talking to media in his office here today.

“It was like a trade mark Bollywood film-a man had killed three persons to take revenge. Initially, we did not suspect Sushil Chowdhury’s hand in the case. After exploring all available options, we came to a conclusion that Niyati Ghosh, wife of Balaram Ghosh, could give us some clues”, he said.

He said the investigating team took a risky step by taking Niyati into police custody on May 31. “Initially Niyati was reluctant to tell us the truth and we guessed she was scared about the consequence if she tell something important in related to the triple murder. However, later she appeared a major tool for the police to crack the case”, he said.

According to the SP, Niyati has taken a bold move by making her wish to become an approver while she was in judicial custody. The court wanted to our opinion in this regard and the police team had informed the court that it had no objection to allow her as approver.

After Niyati’s statement, the investigating team had got sufficient grounds to arrest Sushil Chowdhuyry, editor cum owner of the newspaper, he said. “By this time, we had got strong scientific and circumstantial evidences against Chowdhury. Based on the, evidences, the police had framed charge against him under section 302/120 B/201/194/195A of IPC ending a hectic investigation process into one of the toughest cases”.

On being asked about possibility of conviction of the accused person, the seasoned police officer said, “We have been able to establish that Sushil Chowdhury was very much involved in the triple murder case. The rest part will be decided by the designated case”.