Protests against Waris, Basil continue

In another incident, a large number of Waris chit-fund investors had a brawl with the agents in the city office today forcing Police to rush to the venue to maintain law and order. The angry depositors attacked the office of Waris chit-fund firm demanding maturity and allegedly chased some senior agents. They also engaged in street fights. “We just want our money back. The company officials should not be spared until and unless we get back our entire money”, said a protestor. Several groups went bust and their offices downed shutters unable to repay the depositors who had parked their hard-earned money lured by astronomically high interest rates promised by the companies. Widespread protest by investors was reported from the city office of Basil International Limited, where agents of the chit fund company were chased and heckled by depositors. Many offices of the chit fund were damaged by the protestors. Following state-wide protests by depositors and agents against chit funds which are virtually on the verge of collapse, the state government assured that strict action would be initiated.