Three nabbed of stealing motor bikes

However, police said that the thieves were on their way to neighboring Bangladesh to smuggle the bike across the border. In the mean time getting an alarm of this the police have arrested the thieves and sent to court on Friday.

Along with the capital, there are several incidents in the interior parts of the state where thieves or some gangs of goons manage to steal bikes from the market areas. Police said the concerned authority is keeping a stern eye on this and assured that the gangs would be blasted soon.

In most of the theft cases it is found that mostly Bangladeshi youths are involved in these theft cases. Tripura shares an 856-km border with Bangladesh. Around 80 percent of the border has been fenced. A large portion of the border is unfenced, porous, mountainous and river making it advantageous for anti-social elements.

Police said cross-border criminals not only use the unfenced areas to enter India, but also climb over the fence using ladders. Young Bangladeshi boys are "hired" and sent to Tripura for various crimes including theft.