According to sources Sumitra Das (Maman) of South Hurua village was married with Debasish Das at Algapur of Dharmanagar. Debasish was a car driver. He started to live at a rented house in South Hurua village after few days of marriage. They have two children. His wife Sumitra Das said to a panchayat member of the village that her husband Debasish was committed suicide at about 10 p.m. on June 10. The panchayat member went to the spot and saw that Debasish was laying on a car for taking him to hospital.

On being informed police rushed to the spot. Then all the local people alleged that the husband was murdered as a result of illegal relationship of his wife Sumitra. But police did not conduct any investigation of the case. At last the family members of the late Debasish filed a case in the court on June 27 as they lost faith on police administration. The case was filed in the court under section 57/15 and 302/ 34.

At last police bound the arrest Sumitra Das from her fathers house after 6 months on being ordered the court. She has been sent to jail remand for one day as today is Sunday. She will be produced in the court tomorrow.

The local people and family members of deceased further alleged that accused that police not arrested Sumitra for such a long time as there was interest of police. They alleged that police administration was started drama to save the original murderer.

Local people opined that Debasish was murdered by illegal lover of Sumitra. They raised question why was the illegal lover not arrested in allegation of helping in killing.