On the other hand festival of light is being celebrated at Agartala with pomp and gaiety. A long rally of girls, women and man paraded streets of Agartala with beating of Dhak to take water for bathing Maa Kali from Joy Maa Kali Santan Sangha temple of South Indra Nagar today. The Sangha organized Mela and Kumari puja tomorrow. Besides Kali puja organized at Uma Maheswari temple of Anandamayee Ashram, Gobardhan puja Committee, Jackson Gate Puja committee, Ker Choumuhani Kali Bari, Motor Stand Sanitala and different houses and clubs Many puja committees including Joy Maa Kali Santan Sangha will distribute Mahaprasad among the devotees today. The roads of Agartala illuminated by different kinds of lighting. Thousands of devotees will visit the puja pandals all over the night today. Besides Kali puja organized by the devotees of Ramkrisna Mission. The puja with religious rituals and Shyama Sangeet attract lot of devotees every year.

Besides thousands of Kalipuja organized at Dharma Nagar. Different clubs and puja committees organized puja of big budget spending Rs. 5 lakh to 10 lakh at different part of the subdivision. Besides the clubs organized night long cultural programme, Anandamela for two days to entertain devotees. Similarly puja organized at Longtarai valley and other subdivisions of the state.