CM urges for participation of new generation for blood donation

He said, the state will be able to provide blood for other states after fulfilling the internal demand. Referring the doctors increased the age of blood donation up to 65 years he urged to encourage new generation for blood donation. Appreciating participation of women in blood donation which increased up to 20 percent he stressed on encourage women to increase percentage up to 50 percent. He also emphasized on eye donation and body donation. He said, eye bank authority arranged to set up stone eye after replacing cornea from eye of the dead body of the donor. So the relatives of the eye donor should not be worried about ugly face of the donor. Referring study of anatomy is not possible for 700 to 800 doctors without donation of body for medical research he urged for body donation. He appealed media persons to publish more articles to encourage people for blood donation.

Speaking on the occasion Secretary of Ramakrishna Math and Mission Hitakamananandaji stressed on encouragement for blood donation to as there is no alternative of human blood. Referring percentage of loss of donated blood is 0.5 percent in Tripura he said one unit of blood will be benefitial for more than one patient after separation of components of blood. He stressed on highlighting the names of less populated organizations for their participation in blood donation.

Secretary of Agartala Press Club Sujit Chakraborty and President Joyanta Bhattacharjee also delivered speeches on the occasion. On the occasion different eminent journalists and members of Press Club were attended and donated blood.