Sources said that whimsical activity is going on at Matai PHC due audacious behavior of a pharmacist. According to sources doctor, sisters remain silent at the PHC as they are afraid of the audacious behavior of the pharmacist Amal Majumder in presence of MOIC.

Sources said that the pharmacist Majumder allegedly do not attend his duty two times regularly according to the schedule of the duty under the PHC.

He opened chamber in front of the PHC and provides prescription after consultation with his private patients. He uses to lock the attendance register of hospital staffs at his own chamber.

On the other hand the audacious pharmacist has made the Junior Sister as Sister –in-charge in spite of presence of Senior Sister in the PHC. Although MOIC Bijoy Majumder is responsible for appointing Sister –in – charge.

At the same time huge corruption is going on with the food provided for the patients. Sources said that the corrupted pharmacist prepares bill according to number of bed of the PHC whereas number of patients remains less most of the time in comparison to number of bed.

The patients alleged that the quality of food is also very bad. Sometimes he orders to prepare food for him and his companions from the share of food for the patients.

Sources said that he siphoned off most of the amount for construction of dustbin for the hospital after providing lump sum amount to the construction contractor. He escapes from his duty by providing medicine to the patients through Group- D staff.

Now local people raised question why is the MOIC maintaining silence in spite of thousands of complain against the corrupted pharmacist.