The State Government said that the state granted revised pay structure for Government Employees from 1-1- 2006 according to recommendation of Pay Review Committee of the state. Although financial benefit provided to the employees from 1-1-2009. Later on pay structure of State Government employees changed under Tripura Civil Services (Revised Pay)( 12th Amendment ) Rules 2015 keeping parity with recommendation of 6th Central Pay Commission. National Pay fixation was held since 1-1-2006 according the above section. However financial benefit of pay structure was provided to the employees since April 1, 2015.

Describing the situation of unemployed the State Government said that the number of unemployed in the state is 6 lakh 70 thousand 806 according to information of the Employment Exchange on June 30, 2015. The State Government said to PMO that the government is engaged in employment of unemployed persons.

Joint Secretary of PM’s department Tarun Bajaj gave this information to BJP State President through a letter.

Reacting about the letter Dasgupta expressed his deep anxiety on the matter and said that state government has lot of deficiency about cordial effort in creation of employment opportunity for unemployed youths.