“Once the ganja had dried, they packed it in bags and put them beneath various wooden furniture”, a BSF official said. The owners were supposed to hand over the consignment to Bangladeshi smugglers”, the official added. A specific case has been registered with local Police Station. This is the largest busts in the past six months.

However, no arrest could be made in this connection so far. “There was no claimant of the seized cannabis. It will be incinerated soon”, said the SDM tonight. Capitalizing on the 7.67 km of unfenced patches of the 80 km long international border that Sonamura shares with Bangladesh, some unscrupulous businessmen have assiduously built up over the years a thriving smuggling racket of contraband articles which fetch them crores of rupees in returns. Unfortunately, loads of the unaccounted easy money that smuggling brings in has also drawn a large section of the local populace, particularly the youth, into the vicious cycle of drug-additions and crimes. Incidentally, due to religious reasons, demands for intoxicating substances like Codein Phosphate Syrups and Ganja are much higher in Bangladesh than for wine or liquor.

“Repeated raids will be continued”, Das told reporters. He felt that if the entire borderline is fenced, smuggling activities will effectively be tamed. Notably, state shares a 856-km border with Bangladesh and some parts of the border remain unfenced.